About Valodnieks.lv

About Valodnieks.lv

Valodnieks.lv is a written translation agency that provides services of written translation and editing.

The translation project managers of Valodnieks.lv have more than 9 years of experience in the translation projects of various complexity and subject, and some translators – even 20 years of experience in written translation.

We have performed translations for natural persons, state institutions, as well as private enterprises from Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Denmark, Poland and Germany.

We have worked with the documents related to:

  • trade of energy feedstock (biogas and wood fuel), real estate, food, electric products, children’s toys and accessories, construction materials and clothes;
  • providing logistics, information technologies, finance and bank sphere services and services of promoting ecological environment;
  • agriculture, civil engineering, wood working, carpentry, marketing and public relations;
  • food and chemical (cosmetics, household chemicals) industry;
  • tourism and legal spheres;
  • state institutions activity.

Owing to friendly prices, constant high quality, as well as meeting of deadlines, we have gained recognisability among the students of the institutions of higher education of Latvia who rely on us translating their Diploma Papers, abstracts and reference literature.

Every word has a meaning …
Sometimes they are several …
Our mission is to enable discovery of the meaning of the words in your document!

The aim of Valodnieks.lv is constant determination to improve our services, therefore successfully competing with the leading translation agencies in Latvia.

Concerning comfort of our clients we offer the opportunity to scan printed documents and submit them using Order form, however, to contact translation project managers – (+371) 26-478-420 or (+371) 25-660-767, or info@valodnieks.lv.

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